Dog training

£90.00 £45.00

– Anamnesis interview (~60 min): 45 €
– Single training (45 min): 45 €
– If I drive to you there are no travel costs when I have not to drive more than
20 km. Farther away you have to pay 0,50 € for each additional kilometer.
– If you have to cancel an appointment and do not give me this information in
advance (at least 6 hours before), I charge 30% of the agreed service. If you
have not canceled the appointment at all and my journey was for nothing, I
charge 80% of the price.


Unfortunately, the conditions are not always so perfect that you as a
dog owner can always go for a walk with your dog by yourself. Or your dog has
to be too long alone all day at home. You also don‘t want to let your dog
be taken into the care of „any person.“
With me, each dog will get their rights. You will notice it when you find a
satisfied, full physical, and mentally challenged dog if you come home.
To get to know your dog in the run-up (and to get to know us, humans, as well,
of course), I will first make a short anamnesis interview with you. If there are
not any reasons against it, we arrange a time, where you and your dog will
join me and my dog group. So we can both have a look if your dog will feel
well in this group.
If during the anamnesis interview or at the walk there come out any problems
with your dog, I offer you training, especially for your dog.
The dogs will walk at least 1.5 hours (pure time outside). How long your dog
will out depend on the order I pick your dog up and will bring it back, the
distance to the area where we walk, and the distance to your home, of course.
Manageable group size! Much movement for your dog (not only „staying
around“ on a meadow)! Tasks for the mental challenge!
For harmony in my group, it is important, that your dog does not pull on
the leash all the time, is callable, and well socialized. If that is not the case,
we can work on these goals in my dog training.


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